I activated the Grand Rising Experience to spark collaboration, connection and expansion among knowledge seekers, sacred activators, and wisdom keepers who are here to transform their pain into power and purpose so they can claim and embody the truth of who they are. 

A Grand Rising Experience is:

A frequency and timeline that is energetically impossible to occupy unless you are fully committed to taking complete responsibility over healing and alchemizing your inner world so you can be activated and re-birthed into the truth of who you are. 

An embodied a way of Being that heals the wounded masculine paradigms of approaching self-development, spirituality and business. A space to untangle from conditioned patterns of chasing, defending, earning, fixing, forcing, performing, protecting, pushing, and striving your way to perceived enlightenment, success, and fulfillment.

A multidimensional and autonomous container where you retain full authority over the pace, readiness, and direction of your journey into the truth of who you are. You are 100% responsible for leading your Self within this activated space, frequency, and timeline.

A community that cultivates and nurtures your capacity to learn how to do hard and uncomfortable things, so the wisdom and soul of Elderhood can make itself known again. 

A sacred space for embodied feminine Soulpreneurs around the world to allow the power of their medicine to call in aligned networks and collaborations that magnetize equally committed clients, with gentleness, ease, and grace.

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Learn how to H.A.L.T so you can rise out of your pain and activate your Sovereign Wellth™.


Nicole Connor

Sovereign Wellth Strategist and founder of the Grand Rising Experience; a podcast and publication created to inspire you to H.A.L.T so you can rise out of your pain + activate your Sovereign Wellth™.