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Grand Rising Experience Podcast
Honesty, Acceptance, Loyalty + Trust with Nicole Connor
Honesty, Acceptance, Loyalty + Trust with Nicole Connor
A conversation about walking through self-deception to cultivate self-trust

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Honesty, Acceptance, Loyalty, and Trust (H.A.L.T.) are themes I keep visiting both with my podcast guests and with hosts on the platforms I’ve been invited on, because they appear to me as the foundational guide posts that cultivate the vibration of all other values and virtues, that we individually identify with and embody throughout our various seasons.

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In this episode

00:00 - Intro

02:27 - Disclaimer

03:33 - Before you can rise you must halt

08:27 - Honesty: I am the creator of my reality

11:02 - Acceptance: I am present

13:05 - Loyalty: I am worthy

15:50 - Trust: I am wise

16:59 - HALT recap

17:39 - The shift

20:56 - What’s next

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Grand Rising Experience

Grand Rising Experience Podcast

Learn how to embody self Honesty, Acceptance, Loyalty and Trust (HALT), so you can rise out of your pain and activate your Sovereign Wellth™. What does this mean? Tune in to find out!